Pink Eye? Really?

pink eye

I have this.

I feel like a little kid, because I somehow caught Pink Eye. Oh joy! It is on the way to clearing up, but still annoying. Downright frustrating even, as I have a ton of sewing to do for other people, which is sitting there waiting. And I would like to be out enjoying our beautiful autumn!

Pink red and green  leaves

I would rather be out looking at this.

On top of that, the weather is unusually warm, and my garden needs to be put down for the winter. But that blasted sun is making my eye miserable, so I will hold off for a cloudy day. If we ever get one, that is, we are so deeply dry that the entire state is on wildfire alert. The fall colors have been stunning. But it is not going to last long, with the temperature nearly hitting 90 again this week, and lots of wind.

Ah, yes, these things shall pass. I will be back to sewing, writing, and gardening soon. Hopefully very soon, as snow can sneak in to Minnesota anytime in late October or early November.

And, when it all passes, I have a lovely GIVEAWAY coming up! I can hardly wait to show you. Come back soon and see.
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5 Responses to Pink Eye? Really?

  1. coloradolady says:

    Hope you feel better soon!!! That is mighty warm weather for your part of the world….around here that is a cold front!! LOL

  2. Pam Gonzalez says:

    Hope you feel better soon. That can be nasty to endure. My son had it and he was miserable. Poor thing. Hang in there…. It’s starting to get colder here in the 60’s here tonight.

  3. Mary says:

    Sorry about your eye. We’ve had temps in the mid 80’s and getting cooler into the 60’s with rain.
    Hope you will be Very comfortable soon.

  4. Lizzo says:

    Pink eye is so much worse as an adult!! Get better soon and enjoy the lovely weather out there!! The leaves and trees are making it smell really nice too 🙂

  5. Hi There,
    I am not a computer savy person and I know nothing about “blogs”, but I am a retired nurse who has spent the last 30 years working in isolated communities in Canada’s North. Just for your information and your readers, if you can catch conjunctivitis (pink eye) early an easy way of getting relief is to compress the eyes with a warm tea bag, and after the tea bags cool, place a drop of the tea in the eye.
    Sometimes this will relieve it entirely, if not, it is soothing and makes the duration shorter.
    You must use regular tea, not herbal. It’s the tannic acid that helps to combat the infection. This also works for a developing sty.
    Generally, any eye ailment with get relief from a warm tea bag compress. I learned this from a doctor who has done a lot of work in third world countries and who was once an opthamologist.
    Now that I am retired, I am trying to learn how to quilt so these blogs are an inspiration and very helpful to the newbie.
    Cheers, Linda

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