Quilted Flannel Pillows

Quilted Flannel Pillow made from scraps

One of the finished pillows took a break in my garden.

When you have made a few flannel quilts, and have a lot of small scraps to use up, what do you make? How about pillows for a friend’s cabin? Just like the Very Cozy Quilt and the Reversible Flannel Quilt, the pillows are made from unwashed cotton flannels, with cotton batting. The washing comes later, which makes them pucker up and feel like nicely worn flannel shirts.

Each ‘brick’ started out at two-by-four inches. They were cut from scraps, so I could not pay much attention to the grain, but ideally I would have cut them all in the same direction. Since I wanted to make two pillows, each about 22 inches square, I made four mini-quilts that wound up around 25 inches square each. I was thinking this would be a quick, simple project, but actually it was like making a lap quilt 50 inches square, with nearly 600 pieces between the four panels.

Basted and getting marked to quilt.

Pin basted, getting marked for stitching. Ignore the backing, it will never show!

I was committed to using only scraps, so the batting was pieced from remnants, and the backing was leftovers flannel from a baby quilt project. I figured it would not matter, as it was inside the pillow. I marked it for my usual harlequin hatching, pin basted, and quilted each section. (Why harlequins or diamonds? They are more forgiving than straight-on squares, and between my lack of accuracy and the shrinking fabric, forgiving works best for me.) Then I ran stitching around the entire piece, to protect it in the washer and dryer.

Before washing, each was about 25 inches squares.

Before washing, each was about 25 inches squares.

After washing, each piece was about  22 inches square.

After washing, each piece was about 22 inches square.

After three rounds of hot-water washing and high-heat drying, each piece had shrunk to a hair over 22 inches square, so my finished pillows wound up 21 inches square. I popped in zippers, stitched the sides, turned them out and they were ready for pillow forms. Like usual, I made my own pillow forms, starting with bargain bed pillows from a big box store.
Two Flannel PillowsThe finished pillows are yummy soft and fluffy! I think they will look great by my friend’s stone fireplace.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com
I shared this project on The Stash Project at Clover and Violet.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com
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6 Responses to Quilted Flannel Pillows

  1. Mary says:

    Your pillows are awesome! You have one lucky friend.

  2. Allison says:

    great pillows! How do you make pillow forms from bed pillows? I was just browsing Joann’s pillow form selection because I’d like to try making my first pillows, and I was surprised at how pricey they are. I’d be very grateful if you would share this tip. because reading your post made me realize how badly my couch needs some flannel pillows 🙂

    • I watch for sales, last week I scored three bed pillows at $3 each. A standard pillow is about 20 x 24″, and packed lighter than I want a couch pillow. So I planned 1 &1/2 bed pillows for each of these 21″ pillows.

      Sometimes I use scraps or old sheets to sew the pillow inserts, and just take the stuffing out of the bed pillows. This time I opened them, cut one up and added some of it’s fabric to the other two, and made them 24″ square before re-sewing. I sewed three sides and filled each with their original stuffing plus half from the spare bed pillow. I machine stitched the opening shut and mashed them a bit to get the fibers in the corners.

      Two large pillow forms, nicely packed, for $9.00. I could be called The Frugal Quilter sometimes!

  3. Alice Hamilton says:

    Very nice! I like it. I have plenty of flannel scraps too.

  4. I LOVE them! And the quilting is perfect. I have a quilt I have been procrastinating quilting because I couldn’t come up with an idea. You may have solved the problem for me. Thank you very much!

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