Mechanical Mayhem

I have not been brave enough to touch my sewing machine this week. However, if mishaps come in threes, I just may be safe again.

leaky-pipeFirst, the garbage disposal died. Actually, I was glad. It came with the house some 35 years ago, and I hate even having one. It did manage to leak icky stuff all over under the sink. But I took it as a sign, I could finally eliminate the growling food-grinder. I hit the home improvement store for the new plumbing to convert my sink to a drain instead of disposal. It was pretty easy to do, and I was actually kinda proud. Perhaps a bit cocky? No sooner than I had all the little leaks worked out of my new pipes, when the main drain pipe in the wall behind it all decided to leak. That is a much bigger problem. I had a small stream starting in the basement. This is an old kitchen, with cabinets built in place in the 1920’s. I had to remove all my new work, cut out the back of the cabinet, open the wall, and repair all that too. After a few more trips to the store, it finally worked. I have not yet closed the wall back up, and I confess that I have a pail handy just in case. All in all that took me two days, and the dishes really piled up.

motherboardThen my computer quit working. The dreaded beeps instead of the happy start-up chimes. I dragged my very slow 10-year-old one out to use in the mean time, and handed my nice machine off to my son, the computer building monster. Last I heard, there is hope, but of course it needs parts. Alas, I miss it. This old clunker takes five minutes to warm up before you can use it, and loads a web page in an amazing three minutes per window.

car engineThen the car. OK, I know the routine. Kids, Cars, and Houses – sprinkle money on them and they are happy. I am now on a first name basis with the clerks at the auto parts store. And I can tell you that I have installed an alternator all by myself. And a sensor. And a PCV valve. So far, so good! My car is almost 12 years old, and gets neglected a lot. What bugged me the most was that darn sensor. It is there to tell the computer when the engine gets a knock. Well, in this case, the engine is A-OK, but the sensor just failed. That triggered a series of responses by the computer to compensate for a supposedly knocking engine. I thought these computers were there to simplify things!

Now perhaps you can see why I have been reluctant to touch my sewing machine or serger this week. But the projects (and mending) are piling up, and I really do need to get back at it. First, I think I will go buy a lottery ticket, and fill out that sweepstakes thing that came in the mail. I could use a windfall. At least enough to afford to just let plumbers and mechanics fix things for me.
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4 Responses to Mechanical Mayhem

  1. Donna says:

    “Kids, Cars, and Houses – sprinkle money on them and they are happy.”

    How true! I may use that quote sometime!

    May your mechanical life calm down and stay peaceful.

  2. coloradolady says:

    Oh, Mary….I hear you…when it rains it pours!!!
    But…on a happy note, I just posted about my finished top!!! Finally done and today, I am working on the backing then it can be quilted……take a look! I love it!!

  3. Val Laird says:

    I know necessity is the mother of invention, but you are utterly amazing tackling all those jobs yourself. You deserve a week off to sew!!!

  4. Shari says:

    Although it is most unfortunate that all these things happened in such a short time, I am most impressed with the fact that you dealt with them all yourself. Very well done! Good luck with the lottery!

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