Make Two Fun Halloween Mug Rugs, a tutorial

Halloween Mug Rug Quilts

These little quilted mug rugs can add some fun to your Halloween celebration.

Christmas in July has come and gone, so now it is time for Halloween in August! I know it is still a long time until October, but by then most quilters will be buried in making holiday gifts. Take some time this month to stitch up a few of these fun little coasters.
They are pretty fast and simple, but if you have never tried your hand at fusible appliqué, you may want to check out the Fusible Appliqué Gift Bag tutorial to get started. The assembly process for these are nearly the same as the Lady Bug Mug Rug tutorial, so hop over there for more details and pointers if you need to.  Have some fun, imperfections are great—I bet you have never seen a perfect pumpkin or cat.
In today’s post I will show you the Jack-O-Lantern, and the next post will feature the Black Cat.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com

Quilted Mug Rug Tutorial for Halloween: Jack-O-Lantern

Click any photo to enlarge it.

Quilted Jack-O-Lantern Mug Rug for Halloween

Trace and cut two orange circles of fabric. Use a bowl or plate about one inch larger than you want the mug rug to be when finished.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug Tutorial step 2

Cut a piece of fusing material, large enough to cut your eyes, nose and mouth from, and press to a scrap of black fabric. Draw out your features, slighter larger than you want so you can trim as needed.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rugs step 3

Cut out your features. With the backing still attached, play with your design until you get a pumpkin face that you like! You may prefer circle eyes, or want eyebrows.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 4

Play with the features until you like your layout. Then peel the backing, and fuse the pieces in place.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 5

For the pumpkin handle, start by fusing a piece of black fabric to a 3x5 inch piece of fusible material.

Quilted Halloween mug rug step 6

Peel the backing, fold the fabric in half to form a 2.5x3 inch piece (fabric sides out) and fuse together. Cut your desired handle shape from this piece.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 7

Time to decide where you want the handle to rest, but DO NOT attach it yet! Just set it aside until later.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug, step 8

Using a bit of batting or Insulbrite cut to the same size as the fabric, layer your batting, the front facing away from batting, and the backing on top.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 9

Pin your layers together, leaving the top area open for turning the pumpkin right-side out.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 10

Stitch around the pumpkin, with the batting on top. Use a locking stitch as you start and finish, keeping the top open for turning. If your pressure foot catches in the batting, try using a zipper foot.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 11

Turn the mug rug right-side out. Press it lightly to flatten.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 12

Fold the top seam allowance and batting over. Fold over the back also, matching to the front, and pin the three layers together. Slip the handle in place before stitching.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug, step 13.

Stitching with orange thread, very close to the edge, close the opening. Start with a locking stitch, and continue around the entire circle until you are back to your starting point.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug step 14

Starting at the handle, stitch curved lines to the bottom of the pumpkin, mimicking the ridges in a real pumpkin. I stopped at each face feature, did a locking stitch, and skipped to the other side. There I did another locking stitch, and finished the row.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug

Trim the threads from the orange stitching, then switch to black thread. To make the "cap" stitch a jagged black line across the top of the pumpkin.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rug, step 16

Stitch around all the black pieces, using either a straight stitch or a small zig zag stitch. Trim the threads, and press the jack-o-lantern.

Quilted Halloween Mug Rugs - Completed Jack-O-Lantern

It is finished! Think you are ready to make more?

Halloween Mug Rug Quilts

Check my next post for the Black Cat Mug Rug instructions!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com
Signature©2011, The Curious Quilter,, These Halloween Mug Rugs are for the personal use of my blog readers only, and may not be used commercially.


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12 Responses to Make Two Fun Halloween Mug Rugs, a tutorial

  1. J. Johnson says:

    OK, where did I stash my orange fabric? My grandkids would LOVE these! Thanks for sharing, Mary, great idea.

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  4. Donna says:

    I have to make one of these for my desk at work for Halloween! I can’t wait for the black cat tutorial!

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  6. Penny Hankey says:

    These will be great for the sales table at our group show in October if it is OK with you to use your pattern in this way.

  7. Martin says:

    You certainly are full of ideas! What other shapes can we use this technique for? Hmm….

    • Well, I considered fall leaves, footballs (am an addict) or maybe basketballs, and even had the passing thought of a set of Angry Birds (but then, they are copyright protected.)

      It would work for anything that has reasonably smooth lines on the outside.

      OK, Martin, you lurk enough I know you have a sense of humor. What were YOU thinking of making?

      • Martin says:

        Well dang, the Angry Birds one made me laugh!!

        Pansies. Kitchy things like a TV shaped one for the TV room, drums for a drummer, etc. You have started a whole new mug rug trend I think, the shapes are a great variation.

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