And Now for a Word from My Garden

July is so full of distractions from quilting. In Minnesota, most of the winter will be spent huddled inside doing more sewing and such. Summer is like a great escape to the outdoors. I cram a lot in this small yard. We have harvested spinach, sugar snap peas, and carrots, and will have string beans soon. Take a look at a few things that keep me entertained in my yard.

Lovely Lobelia

Baskets of lovely Lobelia.

Apples blighted by heat and hail

The apples are blighted by hail and heat.

Delightful Daylilies

But the yellow and orange day lilies are delightful.

Lemon Grass Loves the Heat

The petunias are tired, but the lemongrass loves the heat. Yum.

Volunteer Snapdragon

My snapdragons self-seed and pop up all over the garden!

Happy Peppers like the heat

All the rain and warmth has been great for peppers and tomatoes.

Another Coleus

I have many unusual varieties of coleus in my garden.

Brooklyn Horror Coleus

This coleus is called 'Brooklyn Horror.' Who names these things?

Much Basil, Pesto anyone?

Twelve kinds of herbs, with lots of basil for pesto.

Zinnia and Phlox stressed by heat and hail

The zinnias and phlox are a bit beat up by recent hail.

Pinstripe Petunias

The pinstripe petunias look very dignified.

Rock Garden Goddess basks in the shade

The Garden Goddess basks in the shade.

Grapefruit Tree Blooms in Minnesota

Not many Minnesota gardens have grapefruit trees blooming in them. It comes inside for the winter.

Silver  Maple Marked for Removal

I wish I could save the old silver maple tree out front, but the city has decided to remove it.

Perky Pink Phlox

Perky pink and white phlox, black-eyed susans, and many other flowers keep me smiling all summer.

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One Response to And Now for a Word from My Garden

  1. J. Johnson says:

    how sad that they are taking out that tree! But your garden is lovely.

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