Reversible Flannel Quilt Finished

I have a trio of finishes, but have been waiting to share them as they are all gift quilts. This fun flannel one has been delivered, so now you all get to see it too. Using only stash and one 83¢ remnant, this quilt is double the fun, as either side can be “the top.” Yep, same flannel stash as the last flannel quilt.Reversible Flannel Quilt Side OneReversible Flannel Quilt Side TwoWhich side do you like better? I like them both, and am pleased at how the side made from ‘leftovers’ came out!

I think this would be a great picnic quilt. Now that gives me an idea, I think I will go fire up the grill and enjoy a lovely June evening.

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8 Responses to Reversible Flannel Quilt Finished

  1. Your flannel quilt turned out terrific! I love how it can be used with either side up. That gives you two quilts in one so you can change it up every now and then.

    I love pieced backings. They add so much character to a quilt.

  2. AliExi says:

    Nifty Difty! Like two quilts for the price of one, the ‘back’ just may be my fav…

  3. Linda V says:

    I love both, but especially the top! Nice job!

  4. J. Johnson says:

    Very nice! The side with squares is so crisp and nice. And the scrap side is so fun and unexpected. If it was on my bed, I would have to turn it over often.

  5. Sarah says:

    I really like them both. Is that picture also taken in your yard? Your yard always looks so inviting!

  6. Le Loup says:

    Great, I love quilts. We have a one sided one that looks just like the top one.
    Do you know if quilting was ever carried by woodsmen/women or military during the early to mid 18th century?
    Regards, Keith.

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