Lilac Watch Wednesday, Final Week

Lilac Watch Wednesday, Final WeekHere there be lilacs!

Just over four weeks ago, the green buds were covered with snow. But today, the air is heavy with the scent of lilacs, and they are in full, glorious bloom.Lilac Watch Wednesday, Blooms Galore Lilacs, and Memorial Day, mean that summer is right around the corner.

The apple tree, which had its’ first buds open last Wednesday, fully bloomed on Friday. That night my son, who is even a bigger night owl than I am, was in the yard at about one in the morning. He was surprised to hear lots of bees, and found the apple tree still covered with them, even in the dark. He thought it unusual, but then this spring has been far from typical. Apparently the bees braved the dark, cool nighttime because they knew something we didn’t. I awoke at six am to thunder, lightning, and marble-sized hail. The blooms and many leaves were stripped away in minutes. I hope those busy bees got enough work done in the night, so we will still have apples this year.

Lovely yellow flowers.

Happy masses of these tiny yellow blooms are also welcoming the warmer weather.

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One Response to Lilac Watch Wednesday, Final Week

  1. J. Johnson says:

    Your lilacs are lovely! Up here, ours are about a week out still it seems…

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