Lilac Watch Wednesday, Week Four

Lilac Watch Wednesday Week 4

Week four brings many buds to the lilac's upper branches.

Yesterday, summer came to Minnesota. It was 86 degrees, muggy as can be, and the sun tinged my cheeks pink. Like a steamy summer day, it ended with green skies, hail, and funnel clouds. But before the weather turned wet, I took a break from writing, and from basting quilts, and snapped a few pictures from the garden.

tulipsThe four lilac bushes grow tall and narrow against the path between houses, and their tops are covered with buds now. It looks to be a spectacular display when they open; I can almost smell them already!

Elsewhere in the yard things are looking up now too. The sugar snap peas are up, the spinach is thriving, and the spring bulbs are starting to bloom in earnest. Even some of the “weeds” are very cheerfully blooming.


Lovely Muscari


Yummy Spinach


Perky Violets


Dastardly Dandelions

Today I am watching the passing showers, and working on assembling three quilt sandwiches. Soon there will be fun quilty things to show you. In the meantime, I hope you will simply enjoy the visit to my garden.

“For me, a weed is a plant out of place.” — Donald Culross Peattie

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3 Responses to Lilac Watch Wednesday, Week Four

  1. AliExi says:

    You garden always looks very inviting! I am happy to spend a bit of time visiting.

  2. Linda says:

    You can always make Dandelion Wine w/those little devils, and then they won’t seem so bad! 😎

  3. J. Johnson says:

    Yummy spinach for sure, already? In Minnesota? Start picking, I will bring the bacon dressing!

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