Lilac Watch Wednesday, Week Two

Lilac Watch Wednesday Week TwoThe weather has been on a roller-coaster ride here in Minnesota this last week. We had two sunny days where we reached 64 degrees, but then dove back into cold rain and sleet. Snapping this photo today, it was 40 degrees and bleak outside. But the grass is getting greener, and the leaves on the lilac bushes are showing signs of hope.

When the warm sun does shine, I am drawn away from my sewing to go play in the garden. But I have a stack of quilting projects piled high, so perhaps this cool spring is a gift.

However, as spring progresses towards summer, I have a restlessness that makes it hard to stay on task with some of my sewing projects. Perhaps it is just hard to finish a flannel quilt when my mind is wandering to backyard BBQ’s. Piecing gorgeous red maple leaves feels like drudgery when the tulips are forming buds and the forsythias are blooming. Evenings spent in a grand attempt to finish a hand-quilting project are not feeling like cozy, happy moments, but just a task to get through.

Maple LeavesWhich makes me think about my own UFO’s, and wonder about all of yours! Looking at the stacks, I realize now that many of them were set aside as seasons shifted. A large number do seem to become abandoned with the onset of Spring. Is this due to the fact that we suddenly change our lifestyle and live outside so much over the Summer? Or is it because the desire for change runs deep inside, triggered by the longer days?

Fall brings us happily inside to make soups, and to start new quilts and other projects. Spring seems to lead us to set them aside and pursue other things. And I love it! As the days get longer and warmer, I feel like I am shedding not only layers of clothing, but ready to stir things up and make some changes. Articulating those changes is not always easy, but the desire to do something different seems to be a universal sensation as Winter lets go.

Maybe I Have Spring Fever!

Maybe I Have Spring Fever!

What about you? Are my Northern Hemisphere readers also ready to move on to lighter, more summery projects? In the Southern Hemisphere, are you feeling the nesting desire as Fall settles around you? And what of those who live closer to the Equator, with less seasonal change happening outside? Do you also have a cycle of picking up new things and setting aside old ones? I am curious! Please share…

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4 Responses to Lilac Watch Wednesday, Week Two

  1. Mary says:

    We have two lilacs on our tree. Not many this year and the weather has been in the 70-80’s when it isn’t raining. South Central PA. When it is this humid, like today, who feels like picking up anything. Actually, I did some sweeping of the floors getting ready for our daughters that are coming for a 2 wk visit. Not much sewing while they are here.
    Maybe some in the hoop embroidery.

  2. AliExi says:

    Oh yes! I think spring breeds unfinished projects that we are happy to take up in cooler weather. But it drives new ones. Not just sewing, I want to paint my bedroom.

    Then, come fall, I think I will need to stitch myself a new quilt to go with the new paint!

  3. Donna says:

    Now I got to thinking, and yes, I often set quilting projects aside in spring. Of course I expect to work on them on a rainy day, but often bag them up and forget them. All without guilt! After all living, in a place that has four seasons means we should enjoy the lovely outside when it calls to us!

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