Lilac Watch Wednesday, Week One

Lilac Watch Wednesday, Week 1Minnesota is known for broad extremes in weather, from hot humid summers to severely cold winters.  This year Winter has been reluctant to let go of us.  While a few days have climbed into the “normal or above” range, most of April has been cold and gray.

Today is no exception, waking to more snow falling.  But it is clinging to the trees with great elegance, and I find it hard not to be struck by its beauty.  Camera in hand, I have decided to document the coming of the lilacs, and here is today’s shot to start it out.

Many years ago, the customary thinking around here was that lilacs would bloom around Memorial Day.  However, for the last few years they have been sharing their color and scent by mid-May.  This year, who knows?

All the snowy loveliness aside, it is time for Spring, thank you very much!  I recall this poem entitled Song by Sir William Watson (b. 1858) that my sister sang in school many years ago.  It sums up April quite nicely.

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3 Responses to Lilac Watch Wednesday, Week One

  1. Lilacs are my favorite. I have some in my yard too. I look forward to your posts.

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Living in S.E. MN (south of Winona) and we got 9″ in yesterday’s storm. Very demoralizing. The farmers here are remembering last year’s unusually early planting. They were done by now. Well……some good quilting/sewing days. Waiting for those lilacs, but first daffodils and tulips, please?

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