Ahhhh, Fabric….

There are so many beautiful new fabric lines popping up this spring. The variety is amazing, from large, romantic florals to vividly colored stripes. Like many of you, I am finding myself yearning to let go of my dusty old stash and work with something fresh and new. Happy spring and summer colors, more fun novelties, they all fill me with inspiration.

Ah, Fabric!

In The Beginning, September Light, Lida Enche

Ah, Fabric!

SPX, Tea Time

Ah, Fabric!

Wilmington, Somebunnys Garden, Kathy Rusynyk

What was I thinking when I committed to a no-buy pledge? Yes, even after purging myself of a large volume of dead fabric weight last fall, I still have a diverse variety of my own right here. I can keep myself entertained and productive for a long time. Aside from an occasional need for a small morsel of fabric to finish a project, I certainly do not need more fabric. Yet the desire is burning deep inside me. My addiction wants to be fed! But a pledge is a pledge, and I am determined to follow through on it.

Ah, Fabric!

Westminster, Flower Garden, Martha Negley

Ah, Fabric!

SPX, Fashionista

That does not stop me from looking. I page through the online shops, their websites and newsletters. While I cannot buy, I can bookmark things. I have found that sometimes I come back to these bookmarks later and wonder what on earth I was thinking. But some of these saved pages are still tempting. “If they don’t sell out, they will hit the bargain bins, eventually,” I tell myself. Of course, by then there will be more new seasons of glorious fabrics to tempt me.

Ah, Fabric!

Northcott , Central Park

Ah, Fabric!

Moda, Jovial, Basicgrey

Ah, Fabric!

In The Beginning, Camelot, Jason Yenter

The local fabric stores are even more challenging, still I cannot stay away completely. The chain stores aren’t too hard to cope with, I can wander and be ignored by the staff who are busy with other things. The fabrics are not always as tempting either, but I do enjoy touching, looking, and dreaming.

Ah, Fabric!

Bali, Princess Mirah Batiks, Foliage

Ah, Fabric!

Avlyn, Antique Motoring

The few remaining LQS’s (local quilt shops) are more challenging. Many of their owners are out working on the floor, some are friends, many are acquaintances, all of them are super-helpful and ever-hopeful that This Person walking in the door will be the Big Sale of the Day. The ones in my neighborhood now know better. They say “Hi, Mary,” with a tone that oozes disappointment. I can hear the unsaid “Oh, it’s just her. She hasn’t bought anything in ages.”

Ah, Fabric!

Westminster, Kaffe Collective, Phillip Jacobs

Ah, Fabric!

VIP, Another Spin, Rocking Horse Ranch

Ah. Fabric!

Elizabeth's Studio, African Spirit

Ah, fabric! You are as tempting as a french silk pie is to a dieter. You present so many possibilities. Playing with you gives me peace, and also energizes me at the same time. I cannot imagine my life without you. But I will be strong! I will be content with what I have, for the time being. My time to buy new fabrics will come, and I will savor it. I will work hard to get through my copious supply on hand before considering buying new. Until then, I will just have to settle for an imagined new collection. Perhaps a virtual one.

The last day to enter my current giveaway is Saturday, April 16th, so be sure to comment, tweet, or stop by on Facebook and enter to win!

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2 Responses to Ahhhh, Fabric….

  1. nanayane says:

    Hope I win…HOPE I win…HOPE I WIN!!!

  2. AliExi says:

    Dang, girl, you have a STRONG constitution. AND you made me want to go SHOPPING! When ya gotta have it, the need for fabric IS strong!

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