The Zoo at the Fabric Store

The Zoo at the Fabric StoreThere I was, at the fabric store once again. Thinking in my own particular way. Watching people, pondering about all the times I have watched shoppers and thought about the various behaviors they (we!) exhibit. I have decided that there definitely is a zoo at the fabric store.

A lone regal lion is waiting in the chair by the door, one eye on his lioness as she prowls the aisles, hunting. They both appear to have all the time in the world, indeed he looks ready to doze in contentment. The lioness is maneuvering the bolts with agility and grace, unrolling, re-rolling, carefully selecting the perfect morsels. She carries herself with elegance, assured that she is in control, and that her hunt will bring her the best pieces. I envision cubs tucked away somewhere, patiently waiting for the return of their parents. I think I hear the lion purring, and imagine a warm breeze off the savannah.

In the door bounds a mama kangaroo, who carefully tucks her smallest child into the seat pouch on a cart. Her older child hops off in a great rush, mindless of the direction. Kanga Mama follows, and items fall off tables in the wake of this family, as though their unseen tails are knocking things about.

The Zoo at the Fabric Store, FlamingoA flamingo stands on one leg at the thread racks, hiding boxes of threads under her wing while she sorts and stocks the shelves. She looks about to see if she is needed elsewhere, then shifts to the other leg and tucks more spools away.

The bargain tables are surrounded by vultures, sifting through the wares and pecking at the goods. One reaches for the same piece as another, and they eye each other before giving in to whatever protocol of manners they are following. Some cackle with laughter as they rummage through the lovely tidbits, others hover nearby watching for an opening at the table.

The Zoo at the Fabric Store, giraffeFrom the office near the back, the giraffe stretches her long neck to peer about the store. Her watchful eyes spot the wayward kangaroo family, and she steps out to dispatch a worker to pick up the disheveled items.

A row of goslings are quietly clucking as they waddle behind their parents in the decorating section of the store. A tight-knit family, the young ones accustomed to following their parents about. The gander pokes and prods fabrics while the goose keeps an eye on the goslings.

As the lions depart, a trio of hyenas comes in, cheerful with laughter and chatter. They scatter and call to each other with delight as they unearth treasures to share. Happy spirits, but determined, earnestly looking for inspiration and the perfect fabric for whatever projects they are planning.

The Zoo at the Fabric Store, parrotThe parrot at the register chatters with customers as they pay for their findings. She cocks her head and exclaims with encouraging glee as shoppers present their selections. “Come back soon!” is her oft-repeated goodbye chant.

I can well imagine other creatures coming and going, but am struck with the realization that I, too, am part of this zoo. Walking quietly, observing as from a distance, what type of animal does that make me?

©2011, The Curious Quilter,,

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Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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12 Responses to The Zoo at the Fabric Store

  1. Martin says:

    Well, perhaps the wise old owl? OK I say old, judging from your photo in your birthday post last week! Perhaps it would be more diplomatic to say simply a wise owl!

  2. Sandy A says:

    Such a fun picture you paint! I can see that at my LQS too. Can’t think of what type of animal you are, except maybe a deer, hiding in the brush.

    Thanks for the fun story!

  3. Carmen Thomas says:

    Linda,! What kind of animal does that make you? Is the such a thing as a “fabric stalker” Heh, heh heheheheheheheheheheh!

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  5. Deborah in Atlanta says:

    Oh what a joy it was to read your post. As I read about each animal, I could imagine the customers just as you portrayed them. This is going to sound awful, but it’s not meant to be this way, but I can see you as one of those snakes that slink along the limbs of a tree or across the top of a fallen log. In the story you portray above, you sashay through the group quietly, turning your head from side to side observing all that is going on with the animals in the zoo. You stop periodically when another animal appears interesting, but you never draw attention to yourself. (And you’re not a snake that eats the other animals – at least in my story you’re not)

  6. LOL – I love your post. I sure thought you were describing my shop. 😉


  7. Astrid says:

    LOL! That’s exactly what we are, aren’t we?! Fun reading!

  8. I love this post! Such imagery! Yes, indeed the most dangerous animal there!!

  9. Nancy says:

    Wonderful description ……I enjoyed this post…fun to read.

  10. Lara B. says:

    Hahaha Mary, Thanks for the giggles! You really captured the different personalities in a very funny post!

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