Hurry Up and Quilt!

Winter is finishing season for a lot of quilters. In the hot and busy Summer and Fall, we tend to create toppers and flimsies, which become UFO’s. We think that they will all get finished up easily before Spring comes. A lovely theory, especially for those of us who live in areas where Winter is a long season.

Hurry Up and Quilt! Melting snow means spring is comingThis last week we have been on a weather roller-coaster ride here, with temperatures climbing from -11 degrees F to a glorious 52 degrees, then sliding back down to a more seasonable range in the low twenties. That lovely window of warm, sunny days gave winter-weary Minnesotans a sense of Spring. We have had heavy snow cover since early November, making intersections blind with corner snowbanks. But this week, the snow pile by my driveway shrank from nearly eight feet high to a mere four feet. Ice dams melted off roofs on our block. Our general snow cover condensed down, now heavier with moisture, but no longer thigh-deep. It will be with us for a few weeks yet, more snow will fall, but the sense of hope that a few warm days can give a person is quite a delight.

Hurry Up and Quilt! The UFO stack is still big.It also reminds me that time is flying by! The pile of projects waiting to be finished remains cumbersome. Personally, I am a process quilter. I relish each step, from selecting fabrics to the final binding. Once it is done, I am glad, but not particularly interested in it any more. On to the next one! You would think that would make me a happy camper about now, gladly churning through steps and having more waiting their turn. Instead I tend to linger with the last steps of each piece as though I am reluctantly saying goodbye to a special friend. Things that should take an evening to complete can drag out for three.

So these warm spells and longer days are a real wake-up call for me. Now I have to shift my process. I will make the actual finish count the process, not each item. I will work to convince myself that the pile is the project, not each little gem inside it. I realize that I may not finish the entire stack, but at least I can enjoy the process of seeing it shrink, like the snowbanks outside.

Hurry Up and Quilt! Spring distractions are comingOn the east side of the house, where the snow has melted away from the foundation, the tiny little green leaves of snowdrops are emerging. Lovely. Delightful. Spring will come.

Oh dear, I better get busy.

(Note, 2/21/2011: Of course, another blizzard came through the weekend after I wrote this, depositing another 16 inches of snow in my driveway. I do love winter, but am a bit tired of shoveling. Good thing snowdrops are resilient.)

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One Response to Hurry Up and Quilt!

  1. I’m glad to NOT be in the snow and enjoying the gardening alreay… but wish I could be forced inside to “finish” in a more timely manner!

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