Working away on UFO’s…BUT…

Chain piecing random strip coins.

One UFO: Chain piecing random strip coins.

I have been working on some UFO’s, a little here, a little there. First I work on one for a bit, then I set it aside because another is calling to me. While I seem to have four projects out on the table, and have worked on them each several times the last week or so, I do not seem to be finishing any. This lack of focus is starting to get to me. Tomorrow I am going to pick one and see it through. Watch for a finish of some sort to post very soon. Hold me too it, fellow quilters!

Perhaps I am stalled because I am avoiding a BIG quilt that is waiting to be coerced through my little sewing machine. I want to do a Really Good Job on it (but would settle for just a Good Job) and know that getting it done means dedicating some serious time. I look at it and just want to send it out to be quilted, however my budget will not allow. I did wind a ton of bobbins for it. I can tell you right now that IT is not the one I will finish quickly in the next couple of days.

Since I do seem particularly fond of procrastination lately, I have done a little “blog-cleaning.” I updated the giveaway listings over in the right hand sidebar. Do let me know if you hear of more! I actually won two quilt-blog giveaways this year and have some lovely charm squares waiting for projects. I also cleaned up the Quilt Humor pages, and redid the Tutorials, Main page. I have been going through all my print photographs of past quilts and scanning some, with the idea that one day I may update my gallery. Maybe. Now I have been busy in many ways otherwise, but in quilt-blog-dom, I am not sure that they count. I can proudly say that I have managed to accumulate 50 miles on the stationary bike this week. Beats walking around the icy lake on these sub-zero mornings!

A few Two Inch Treasure boxes

Stash reduction through sewing, gifting and selling! Down from 40,000 pieces....

And then I have been answering emails from my readers. Several have inquired if I would be posting more pre-cut squares on eBay, and yes, I did post some this week and am counting out and packing up some more. Thanks for asking! I have managed to redistribute nearly 10,000 of my excess two-inch squares so far. Answering emails has motivated me to spend some time looking at all your blogs, while ignoring my nagging UFO’s. What fun to see everything that people are sewing!

And to those who inquired about the disappearance of the blog link leading to my son ‘Andor’ and his great recipes, he took it down for a while, but it is back. As I type, he is putting the finishing touches on a batch of his Spicy Garlic Chicken with Broccoli!

Andor's Spicy Garlic Chicken with Broccoli

Does eating dinner count as procrastinating from finishing a UFO?

Pardon me, my tummy is growling and I am going out to walk past my waiting UFO’s and head out to the kitchen.


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7 Responses to Working away on UFO’s…BUT…

  1. Martin says:

    Did you REALLY name your kids Andor, Felix, and Noah? I had a cat named Felix and a dog named Noah, but never an Andor!

  2. Dana says:

    I think that is why I have UFOs, they’re tedious or boring and I want to move on to something more interesting. I did exactly what you’re doing and it did eventually work for some of them. I hit a point when one of them didn’t look endless and I finished it. Some of the others are probably heading for the scrap pile. That counts as a finish doesn’t it?

  3. Trish L. says:

    Are you up and sewing yet on that UFO? I tend to procrastinate and while working on one project, my mind is wandering to what will I work on next! There are just so many out there to work on and of course they are ALL important! Good luck on finishing another one up.

  4. Peggi says:

    2″ squares? *Now* you tell me. I’m addicted to them. 😦

  5. Peggi says:

    No, can’t say that I have (yet) LOL. And no, I haven’t. But I’m envious. 40,000? Wow! If I’d known, I’d have bid on some on eBay!

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