“Frozen in the snow lie roses, sleeping.”

Those lyrics, from the holiday song Night of Silence by Daniel Kantor,* have been sifting through my mind the last two days. With my garden buried deeply in snow, and winter officially still about ten days away, knowing that spring will come is already a lovely thought. The snow is the cozy quilt my garden needs to survive the cold. And there is a unique beauty in winter…

In drifts and ripples, a snowy quilt covers my garden.

In drifts and ripples, a snowy quilt covers my garden. The six-foot drift by the red garage covered a minivan.

I have not touched my sewing machine at all this week. Last Monday, I woke up with a headache. I rarely get headaches. An unusual odor was coming from the basement. Turned out that our 46-year-old gas boiler was back-drafting, complete with flames coming out the bottom. After shutting off the gas, my son and I cleared out. When the house was aired out, and the gas company cleared us for going back in, the lovely 10 degree weather moved inside along with us. Space heaters are not a great answer during a Minnesota winter, but by Wednesday night we had a lovely new gas boiler and were cozy again.

My patchwork garden walk is lovely, in winter or spring.

Just in time. A major blizzard moved in Friday night through Saturday evening, dumping 20 inches of new snow on top of the piles already on the ground. Howling winds drove the snow sideways, and the windchill, even this morning, was -25F. At times I could not see the garage from the house. My 29-yr-old son was in and out shoveling all day. We marvelled at the birds, trying to fly to the feeder against the wind. Sometimes a gust caught them and pushed them into the glass. It was snowing so hard, the color of the cardinals was lost to us inside.

Minnesotans are generally good Winter People. Stubborn ones too. When the forecast for a blizzard comes, the urbanites tend to wait until the snow is a few inches deep before hitting the grocery store, suspecting it will blow over us. We are used to snow and ice on the roads, so we rarely hesitate to go out. This time? There are still hundreds of cars in ditches here, but by early Saturday, most people had decided to hunker in and ride it out. Even snowplows were being pulled off the roads–it is hard to plow when you cannot see 30 feet ahead of you.

Snow looks like high loft batting.

Getting my car out from under this blanket will take some serious digging.

A snowy white blanket covers the street.

The view across the street calls out for kids to come and make snow angels.

busy freeways were deserted

Busy freeways were deserted.

Snow covers the path like a quilt.

The grill and smoker are hidden under the sparkling snow.

Snow can bring a muffled sense of silence. During the storm, the only sounds outside were winds, my melodious wind chimes, and a few snowblowers. Later in the day a occassional car ventured out, and the sound of tires spinning on the street out front was pretty common. This was followed by the sound of frantic shoveling, and people shouting as they pushed.

Up to my knees in a snowy quilt.

Already up to my knees in a snowy quilt, we received another eight inches after this shot.

After all the drama, we are left with the special beauty of a snowy winter dazzling all around us. It may be bitter cold, but the sun is shining and the snow is full of sparkling ice gems. The wind has made ripples on the uncrusted snow, little paw prints are scattered across the pristine surface.

We will be shoveling more today. We will be searching for places to pile the snow. The street has yet to be plowed. Children will venture out with sleds despite the cold. I am glad that to be cozy inside. I am ready to get back to my projects.

Alas, no Viking football to watch while I sew today. Overnight the roof of the Metrodome collapsed, but the Vikings’ game had already been postponed as the NY Giants’ flight to the Twin Cities had been diverted to Kansas City.

This large storm is still pounding on parts of the country this morning. There will be other storms, more stories. Winter will begin in a few days, a long one for us it appears.

But underneath the snow, the roses are sleeping.

*You can hear “Night of Silence,” by Daniel Kantor, performed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5TKPOyNNb8&feature=related or read the complete lyrics at http://www1.assumption.edu/chapelchoir/audio/rejoice/night_of_silence.html.

Quiet street, snow covered.

The street out front is rarely this quiet. A snowmobile and an ATV wandered by while we were shoveling.

Cozy 1960's footwear.

Sometimes I wonder why I have held on to my 'moon boots' from the 1960's, but they are super cozy, and stay on even when you are knee deep in snow.

Grab a quilt, let's sit by the firepit!

If I could get to it, I would start a cozy fire in the firepit.

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10 Responses to “Frozen in the snow lie roses, sleeping.”

  1. Marge Gordon says:

    Beautiful post, you write so elegantly. You even make snow graceful!

  2. Jennie O says:

    I am GLAD you woke up with that headache! A lucky thing, it seems.

    The blizzard sounds awful, nice that you can see beauty in it. Bet it takes a few hours to shovel your car out though.

    Stay cozy in you warm home!

  3. Louise says:

    Thank you so much for the info. on “Night of Silence”. I’ve never heard it before & although I’ve known “Silent Night” all of my life, I never knew it was sung with “Night of Silence”. How beautiful! How special to hear it all now. Thanks again.

  4. katieQ says:

    I’m glad you shared one of my favorite Christmas songs. Unfortunately, I don’t hear it played as often as many of the old favorites. I saw the picture of the Metrodome collapsing on the news. Luckily, a disaster was averted.
    Glad to hear you’re warm and toasty.

  5. cindy says:

    We started getting the snow fall Sunday morning, and it is still snowing. I’m not a fan of the cold and snow, but living in Ohio, we put up with it. Thanks for giving me a different view of the wintery stuff. I’m glad that you are okay after the boiler incident. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Joan says:

    I know it’s hard to deal with the snow, but I am so envious. It’s been unseasonably warm in Denver, and I would like a little bit of the white stuff for Christmas. Beautiful post, and I hope you keep warm.

  7. AliExi says:

    Some times, reading your posts is like a little vacation. Loved the visit to Kameleon, and really enjoyed this. Keep the snow, you earned it!

  8. Annmarie says:

    Great post – your descriptions are wonderful. I’ll bet all the snow birds are smiling as they read it. Was quite a storm in Rhinelander WI too. I can’t remember ever shoveling so many times in 2 days!

    And lucky for all of us that you woke & realized what your headache meant! Hugs.

  9. Pamela says:

    Your snowy weather made headlines here in TN. We have had very cold and snowy weather here also. Here in TN we are not used to it at ALL!!!! Glad you got out of your house in time and that everything is okay.

  10. Sarah Schullte says:

    OK. Maybe I am weird, but sometimes I really MISS living in the Midwest. Snow is so rare in the SW!

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