Wandering Wednesday, Visiting Kameleon

Sometimes I just marvel at other blogs, other quilters, other people’s perspectives. I want to share some of my favorite sites with you, so watch for a occassional ‘Wandering Wednesday’. On a bitter cold day in Minnesota, it seemed somehow fitting to me to start with the land my paternal ancestors came from – the West coast of Norway.

Picturesque old seaside buildings of Bergen, on the West coast of Norway.

Eldrid Røyset Førde is a quilter extraordinaire, with an eye for color and some very unique techniques that create stunning works. Her photography, from which she seems to draw a lot of quilting inspiration, is absolutely amazing. She also knits super socks, among the many other things you will see if you visit.

If you visit her wonderful blog Kameleon today, you will be greeted with amazing snowflake crystal photos that will make you want to find some snowshoes and venture out. Take a few minutes to wander through her work. I have purchased her Kameleon Quilt Nine Patch pattern, but not yet attempted it. Like the chameleon lizard, it can change colors, here with the artful use of flaps and buttons. Eldrid has conducted online classes featuring versions of this delight, and demonstrated a version to Alex Anderson on “Simply Quilts” in 2005 .

The banner for her blog features another delight – her combination of photographic imagery and quilting. There are examples scattered throughout her blog, and she even sells panels on her store site. The colors are alluring, I can almost smell the salty mist off the cold Atlantic waters. Her April 2009 posting shares her entry in the first ever online Bloggers Quilt Festival is a study in using strip piecing creatively to make something unexpected. Eldrid’s quilted interpretation of a large mosaic sculpture is truly wonderful. A look through her gallery will show you the skill and artistry that Eldrid shares through her quilting.

fuglellerfisk quilt from Kameleon, visiting Eldrid Royset Forde

From April 2009 post by Eldrid of Kameleon.

Eldrid travels, and finds delight in other people’s creations as well. On last summer’s journey to Murmansk, Russia, she spent time with a group of quilters at the local Arts and Crafts center. The women shared their quilts, wall hangings, and clothing items, each very unique and all lovely. There is a wide range of fiber crafts shown from that trip. Eldrid writes that, “They use mostly Russian made fabrics and threads in their works, but also buy materials made in Pakistan, China, Turkey, and other countries. They use both cotton, wool, linen, and synthetic fabrics and threads.”

One very interesting quilt from her travels to Murmansk stems from a collaboration between quilters from the Arts and Crafts Center there, and local artist Anatolij Alexandrovitsj Sergejenko. In the post Quilting in Murmansk  you can see his paintings, the sketches used to translate to a quilt, and the finished quilt. As a group, these quilter made 18 quilts inspired by Sergejenko’s works.

Heading back to Norway, Eldrid has countless posts with photographs of her yard, neighborhood, and the coast of Norway. Two of my favorites are the shots from a ferry crossing, and posting titled October. You will feel like you have just taken a wonderful vacation when you are through touring Kameleon, and get to see quilts along the way.

Please leave a comment for Eldrid somewhere on your visit to Kameleon, and let her know what a marvelous inspiration she is to all of us.

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6 Responses to Wandering Wednesday, Visiting Kameleon

  1. Martin says:

    OK, I thought I had enough ideas floating around in my brain, then you MADE me go look at all the GREAT things on Kameloen! Really nice site, I probably should thank you for sending me there. Love your blog.

  2. J. Johnson says:

    WOW, actually it was amazing and humbling to visit, such wonderful things to see, beautiful quilts, and interesting posts. Thanks for the tip, sure to be a site I visit again.

  3. Mary
    Thank you very much for this nice article about my blog. This was totally unexpected, and I was blown away when I got home from a short trip and found this, plus saw all the visitors that had come to my blog while I was away 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂


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  5. Jennie O says:

    Many thanks for this one. A few years ago I had seen Eldrid do the “Night and Day” quilt on Simply Quilts, and thought it would be fun to try. I had no idea what a deeply talented woman she was, and am bookmarking her site.

    Love the idea of an ‘occasional Wandering Wednesday’!

  6. Sarah Cooper says:

    Wow!! What a great find, Eldrid’s blog is just full of eye candy! Beautiful, just beautiful. (And I know there were a lot of museum quality works, but the leaf bags I saw first are just so lovely — those may stick in my mind for a while!)

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