More Stash Has Become a Quilt!

Quilt from Stash, for a baby girl.

Stash, before and after.

The set of stash fabric I started with, and all that is left after cutting two quilts.

A few days ago I went stash shopping to pull together two baby quilts. I rediscovered a great three yard piece of funky dots, a 1.5 yard piece of purple mottle, and a handful of small Kona cotton scraps in six colors. I am happy to report that baby quilt #1 is completed, and baby quilt #2 is cut and ready to piece. But the real joy may be the fruitful usage of nearly five yards of stash, and so quickly. To top it off, I was able to draw batting and binding from my stash as well, so this is totally a no-buy pair of quilts.

Quilt Back Full of DotsThis first stash-only quilt is for a baby girl, and just seems so crisp and happy to me. If you are wondering where the polka dots are, I opted to use them for the backing. Now it is fully reversible and fun on each side. It gets really cold during Minnesota winters, so I tend to make baby quilts with high loft batts and minimal quilting to keep them cozy. I put blanket binding on all sides, since babies and toddlers seem to gravitate to it.

Baby Quilts Grow with Kids. Boys, Lions, and Comfys

Long, long ago: boys, lions, and comfies.

I first made this style when I had my own sons. They called them their ‘comfies’ and fingered the satiny binding to calm down. Each comfy went to day care, to camp, on picnics, was a playground for action figures, was worn as a cape, and became a cocoon rolled around butterfly boys who then emerged and flittered around the house. I do not know if there are shreds left, but I know that they each still had them when they were entering their twenties!

I doubt that this quilt will be that well used, but then you just never know which blanket a kidlet will latch on to as their own special comfy.

Keep an eye on my Other Quilty Giveways list in the right hand side bar – there are lots of nice drawings going on!

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9 Responses to More Stash Has Become a Quilt!

  1. Angela says:

    What a fun quilt. That satin binding is sure to be a big hit. It’s even more fun because it came from your stash.

  2. J. Johnson says:

    Love the colors! I never would have thought to keep the dots intact and use the deep purple on a baby quilt, but it sure has spunk! Looking forward to baby quilt #2.

    Does this mean you can go BUY 5 yards of fabric???? LOL

  3. Martin says:

    Oh, I love it! Luscious purple, but I think the satin binding would make it slide off my satin sheets… alas!

  4. JoAnne says:

    Love, love, love it! Makes me want to go straight to my sewing room and look for some stash and start sewing!

  5. Shari says:

    Can’t beat a good day stash shopping. Love the satin binding. Haven’t tried that yet, but you are so right that kids love it. A happy quilt!

  6. Donna says:

    Darn cute quilt, and cute kids too! Bet they HATE that you posted that photo!

  7. Donna says:

    Oh and THANKS for the heads up on all the giveaways!

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