Hide and Seek

Ah, back to school time. My neighborhood is full of little ones heading off to school next week. You can feel the excitement in the air. Of course the wonderful displays featuring school supplies will soon give way to Halloween, holiday goodies, and a new set of “I wants.”  Kids get mighty excited about THOSE things, far more than about school! That means one thing for quilters and parents everywhere.

It is time to create new hiding places—and fast.

Oddly, I do not remember ever having to hide school supplies. But Halloween treats and holiday gifts, oh yes. I have been known to hide some of these too well, finding them again in June. There was a time when I could simply stash things in my sewing supplies, as no one but me every looked there. Alas, they did figure that out.

Squirrels envy quilters' creativity!

But here is where we quilters have a great advantage, perhaps only rivaled by REAL addicts who hide REAL stash! We know how to ferret things away, how to discretely stash fabric, how to save precious bits for a rainy day. Raccoons envy us. Squirrels burying seeds are jealous of our creativity. Even teenagers respect our prowess.

Of course, not all of us need to hide our treasures. A couple of months ago I polled all my lovely followers to see how secretive you were about your stash. Fully 18% of you had supportive people in your home that you could show your fabulous finds to. Another 16% set it aside (quietly methinks) to show a friend later. How wonderful for you, to have someone who cares that you can share with! A whopping 45% figured it was no one else’s business or just added it to their fabric inventory. I admire their self-reliance and sense of security.

However, 21% felt compelled to hide fabric, or even lie about it. Well here at The Curious Quilter, we will NEVER judge you for that. Empathize? Absolutely!

If you are one of the lucky ones who does not need to hide fabric, great. That said, I think you are missing part of the fun. Not only can you hone up on your hiding skills for coveted gifts awaiting the appointed day. But you can think like a squirrel, and stash away a lovely bundle, waiting to surprise you later!

In hopes of inspiring some of you to get creative, I am sharing my Top Ten Places to Hide Stash (yes, fabric stash). These are places that three yards of fabric can settle in for the long haul, although I have not resorted to all of them myself:

10. Spread between the mattress and the box spring in the guest room.

9. Popped in plastic and placed above a basement ceiling panel.

Lots of fabric would fit in this giant container

8. In an empty, cleaned out oatmeal box, way in the back of the pantry.

7. Used as a protective packaging layer when storing away grandmother’s china until next major holiday gathering. Hey, that’s even practical!

6. Folded and placed at the bottom of the clean sheets pile in the linen cabinet.

5. A GF did this: Saved shoeboxes, filled them with fabric, piled high in her closet, with the actual shoes on top. Her DH told all his buddies that she owned hundreds of shoes. She figured probably only 25 pairs.

4. Wrapped in plastic. Sealed in another layer. Put in a plastic bag. Buried in a large pot full of patio tomatoes. Waiting for fall. Soon, my precious, soon…

3. Tucked in the file cabinet, behind the 1992 Taxes folder.

2. Stashed in the toe of your DH’s beloved fishing waders. That works most seasons of the year, but watch the calendar for fishing season. Of course, then you could move it to his heavy winter boots.

No one ever wants to open THIS parcel!

1. Wrapped in freezer paper, marked “liver”, and buried under veggies in the deep freeze. (Keep it away from the ice cream or it will be discovered.)

And now it is YOUR turn. What is the craziest place you have hidden fabric, holiday gifts, or well, whatever? Come on, we won’t tell on you!

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11 Responses to Hide and Seek

  1. Martin says:

    Funny, funny, funny! Liver and Oatmeal – every kid’s favorites!

  2. Jennifer says:

    LOL! Glove compartment of the car…nobody ever looks there…except my inquistive 8 yo…LOL!

  3. J. Johnson says:

    Back when I had to be discreet about fabrics shopping, I would take that silly spare tire out of my trunk and leave it in my girlfriend’s garage. Then I could stash shopping bags in the wheel well until later!

  4. CarlaSue says:

    So funny. I have a plastic tub marked “Christmas greenery” in the laundry room. Nobody goes in there.

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  6. Donna says:

    Oh, I have shoe boxes! Great idea.

    Once, as I entered the house and had to quickly stash a bag of fabric, I tucked it into the dog food bin in the garage. When I retrieved it later, a mouse had moved into the bag!


  7. Peggi says:

    I have some fabrics stashed in plastic bins under the couch in the formal living room. No one ever looks there.
    Fortunately I don’t have to hide my stash, but sometimes I feel guilty about what I spend, so I try to slip new stuff in the house quietly, then just pretend it was in my stash all along.

  8. B. Singer says:

    So glad I found your blog! Funny, interesting, informative, like a great magazine read. Keep it up, please.

    I never hide my fabric. Shoes, yes.

  9. Best hiding place for fabric is the bottom of the ironing basket ….. no one is going there!
    Sheesh, even I am not too sure where the iron is!
    Judy B

  10. katieQ says:

    When my children were little (they are about to turn 25 and 22) I hid some small Christmas presents in the bottom of a large cardboard box containing jeans that I intended to make a denim quilt from. A few months ago I pulled out the box to start cutting for the quilt. My children roared with laughter when I told them what I found. They also took advantage of my embarrassment to remind me of the Star Wars figures hidden in the back of the linen closet for 10 years and the packs of “Magic” cards (a role playing card game) hidden in the box of good china for more than 5 years. Luckily they never found out about the gift of china animal figurines that I hid in an empty milk container in the bottom of the chest freezer in the basement. My daughter appreciated them even though it was years later. I found them when we had to clean the freezer after a power outage. I obviously don’t defrost that freezer too often. There are other items too painful to share.

    • What a riot! I suspect the Star Wars and Magic Cards are worth more now, in mint condition, than what you originally paid for them.

      Hmm, does FABRIC appreciate like that? Maybe, consider the first Kaffe Fassett fabrics, or the original Heather Ross gnomes.

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