State Fair Time, Nearly Fall!

In my neighborhood we are gearing up for the Minnesota State Fair, which is a Pretty Big Deal. Granted, the Texas State Fair runs longer and has more total attendees. But here, in the heart of a major metropolitan area, we manage to fill the 320 acres with about 170,000 people a day, for twelve days. Living near the fairgrounds means we get to watch the carnival rides arriving on trucks, ready to be assembled. As the opening day approaches, our urban area is assualted with trailers of horses and cows and critters rarely seen on city streets. Parking lots around the fairgrounds become camper cities, and there is a massive push to complete all the road construction projects nearby.

The baby animals are so cute!

The “Great Minnesota Get Together” has the farm animals, carnival rides, handshaking politicians, and music events you expect at any such gathering. It also has over 320 food vendors, including over 80 different ‘food on a stick’ varieties. Corn dogs move over, people try deep fried Twinkies and Snickers, Mac and Cheese, and Pig Lickers (chocolate covered bacon) served up skewered. To try some of them, you may want to be as food-adventerous as Anthony Bourdain, but here is a video showing some from a few years ago.

Some of my favorite things at the fair are in the food and creative arts buildings. I drool over the quilts and hand work just as much as I drool over the gorgeous pies and pickles. They have actually done a “Quilt On A Stick” contest! It can be so inspiring to get out and see these award winning creations.

The MN State Fair Mascot, featured in a Quilt On A Stick.

I come away ready to create masterpieces! Well, at least until reality hits and I remember my commitment to imperfection. Perhaps, one day… but it makes me think about all of you!

How many of you have entered your quilts, knitting, foods, or other creations in your county or state fairs? What have you seen at these events that inspired you? Will I see YOU at the Minnesota State Fair this year?

I am visiting the Stash Manicure blog today, come by and say hello! And, in honor of the Minnesota State Fair, August 26-Sept. 6, the next Curious Quilter Giveaway will start on August 26th!


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3 Responses to State Fair Time, Nearly Fall!

  1. AleExi says:

    No way would I EVER submit a quilt to the State Fair! But I do like looking at them!

  2. Trish L. says:

    Well, I won’t be coming to your Fair, a little far away from PA, but I did enter 2 of my quilts in our County Fair and I won 2 ribbons! One is a purple and green rail fence batik that I machine quilted a meander all over it of which I received a red 2nd place ribbon and $6.00 for, and the other one is a sage green and buttery yellow 4 Patch Posie that I received a white 3rd place ribbon and $10.00 for. I am still very excited about winning!
    Next year I’m going to try for the blue ribbon!

    Trish L.

  3. Robyn says:

    It’s a bit of a stretch from Australia to your state fair but I haven’t entered anything in what we call Agricultural Shows for years and that wasn’t a craft item. There’s a quilt show on locally on the 27/28 August that I intend entering something in next year, after I’ve had some more practice! I’m just a sightsee -er this year.

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