Completing the Classic Squares Tutorial

TenInch Sample Quilt c

Classic Squares: A simple tied quilt made from ten inch squares.

In our wonderful quilting world, there are thousands of patterns, kits, tutorials, teachers and others ready to help a new quilter. But often the patterns are tricky, techniques are unfamiliar, or take a great deal of time to complete. Or there is an expectation that you need to buy lots of tools and such. Sometimes, we just need bare bones basics to help people start.

I love working with young people who are interested in learning to quilt. I often start them out on this project, a simple tied quilt that is easy to machine piece, and hides mismatched corners well. It is so much fun to see someone create their first quilt, and know that they have accomplished something very special. We do take some shortcuts, and strive for simplicity. There will be time to perfect skills later, but there is nothing like actually finishing your first quilt.

A bit ago I introduced you to my neighbor Adriana, and we followed her as she created her first quilt top. Now you can journey with Adriana as she goes through the steps to finish her quilt.

Follow Adriana as she finishes her first quilt.

She discovered that none of the steps are difficult, but together they take longer than assembling the quilt top did! But she perservered, and has a great trophy to show for her hard work. If you missed seeing her piece her topper, take a look at Classic Squares Quilt Tutorial, Part 1.

Then click over to Classic Squares Quilt Tutorial, Part 2 and see her create a backing out of stray pieces of fabric, then sandwich and tie her quilt. After that, the binding goes on, and she is ready to take her new quilt home, looking forward to fall, school, and cooler weather.

My thanks to Adriana for taking the time to help me put this together! Working on 94 degree days with no air conditioning, she was a trooper. I hope you will also take a minute to leave a comment, and let her know that many others appreciate her sharing this first quilt-making experience.

Keep an eye on The Curious Quilter Tutorials page. It is growing.

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4 Responses to Completing the Classic Squares Tutorial

  1. J. Johnson says:

    Wonderful, wonderful job, Adriana! It is really pretty, and I bet your new roommate will want one too. A lot of us quilters actually NEVER finished our first attempt, you have achieved a great success. May that continue as you go to college.

    Nice tutorial, the pics are great.

  2. Marge says:

    Before my oldest went off to college he asked me to make him a quilt for his dorm room. He specifically asked for an “Ugly” quilt, one that no one would be tempted to steal. I also read in there, one that wasn’t a dinosaur quilt like the one on my bed now, although he didn’t say that. Eight years later he still has that “Ugly” quilt and has long since graduated from college.
    Your quilt is far from ugly and I sure hope no one steals it… I would be tempted, it’s lovely!

  3. Donna says:

    What a great project, and a wonderful student. Thanks to both of you for putting this together. Have a great time at school Adriena!

  4. gladys says:

    Bravo Adriana for a job well done and to both of you for braving the heat with no AC!!! I love to see young people carrying on the tradition of quilting! Good luck with college and continue with your quilting, it ia a good stress-breaker!

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