Binding Gone Batty!

Like a good part of the world, we are having a hot summer in Minnesota. And the humidity has been oppressive. Combine those and you get storms, and they have also been abundant this summer.

Yesterday was no exception. Thunder rumbled off and on all day, although the rain pretty much held off here until late afternoon. Fortunately, when it really hit, we were spared winds and tornadoes, but torrential rain off and on for hours means street floods and damp basements for many. My basement is dry, an advantage of living on top of a hill. Street floods just after dark meant one of my kids drove through it, and is now out doing some car repairs.

I was sitting at my sewing machine making lots of binding, every window not facing south was wide open to catch the cooling breeze that nicely came with this rain. The TV was on, the one son who lives here still was upstairs posting recipes and photos on his blog.

I know that my son did not expect to hear me scream while sewing! Amidst the thunderbolts and lightning, a frantic bat flew in from the front porch. While that surprised me, given that the porch is screened, and that a bat flying through is just plain startling, I did not scream.

But when the bat made a beeline (batline?) for me, and landed on my head, well that did it! I could feel its feet tugging and tangling in my hair, and screamed. By reflex, I swung the fabric in my hand at it. Ha! Like strips of cotton would have much influence over a scared bat? When my son came flying down the stairs, the bat took off from its hairy perch and careened frantically around.

We shut doors to bedrooms, and after a couple of minutes it flew back to the porch so we could shut it back out there. My daring young man-son went out there with it and removed a couple of screens, hoping it would fly out. It seemed as reluctant as us to be out in that downpour, but eventually it landed on a blanket. Blankets have no fear of being outside in the rain so whoosh, that went out the window, bat and all.

It took me a few minutes to settle back to my sewing and pressing, but I managed to make all the binding I need for three quilts waiting for finishing. The mottled green roll of binding already has a story behind it, even before making it into a quilt.

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5 Responses to Binding Gone Batty!

  1. Jenn says:

    WOW! Better you than me. I am sure I would be screaming too. One of these days I need to get daring and take my kids to see the bats in Austin.

  2. nanayane says:

    Whew what a story…at least everyone (including the bat) came out of it safely! 🙂

  3. cindy says:

    I think that I would have been okay – except for the part of it landing on your head. I probably would have just passed out – sometimes that my way of dealing with things like that. As you said, the binding will have a good story – maybe you should write that on your quilt label.

  4. Alice Hamilton says:

    Oh, my…we heard that scream in Wisconsin! Not really, but it was a wild storm. Loved the bat story. I am quilting up some table runners and now my machine tension is on the fritz. Thanks for the break, getting back to work now!

  5. Elaine Adair says:

    Wow – I thought bats landing on heads was an ‘old wives tale’! I would have gone berserk, simply from the shock of it! Good story!

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