Weddings, Quilts, and the Gift of a Wish

photographers galoreSomewhere in New York there is a big celebrity wedding this weekend. The press is an uninvited guest, circling like a hungry pack of wolves. Their cameras and lights are stopping traffic, the state police are asking drivers for patience. Parents are reflecting on the speed with which their children grew to be adults. Local inns and hotels are tending to the family and friends of the young couple. Caterers have finished shopping and are chopping, trimming, and baking up a storm. Florists are filling vases, tables are being draped in crisp white linens. Musicians are tuning up, tailors are adjusting tuxedos, and young flower-bearers are feeling like royalty. Security is high, as is the sense of anticipation.

All in all it sounds like a fairy tale being played out in reality. I am delighted for the couple, and wish them a long, happy, and healthy relationship.

Most of the invited guests have done their gift shopping already. Some actually went to stores, but more ordered online or by phone, reviewing the registries and selecting some small treasure. A handful went the charitable route, the young couple will be receiving letters from various organizations stating that a donation was made in honor of their wedding.

Antique Double Wedding Ring QuiltAmidst those gifts, is there a quilt? I do not mean one purchased from a fancy boutique. I mean a hand-crafted one, with a personal attachment to the couple. Was some aunt in city far-away staying up nights sewing, just to be sure a carefully crafted double wedding ring quilt was stitched, bound, and delivered in time? Perhaps a circle of parental friends gathered over a signature quilt. Did a friend from high school decide to craft a wonderful wall hanging to adorn the couple’s home? Maybe there is an ornately quilted table runner wrapped and awaiting discovery. Or, possibly one of their relatives has carefully wrapped a precious quilt made by an ancestor—a personal family history being passed on, threads of life tying one generation to the next.

My wish for all couples starting out is that they have the love and support of their families and friends. May they celebrate their union in the way that is most meaningful to them. May the rituals and traditions of their families, friends, and beliefs help them hold strong through the calm and the storms ahead. May they grow to value all the pieces and layers they each bring to the relationship. As they create their future, whatever future they dream, may it be filled with purpose and joy. And may they bind all this together with strong threads and connections.

If they receive gifts, may at least one be something that binds them to their roots, shows the love that pours from generation to generation, from friends old and new. A gift filled with the glorious variety of textures, colors, and light that reflects a life filled with richness.

Like a quilt.

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11 Responses to Weddings, Quilts, and the Gift of a Wish

  1. AleExi says:

    I would like you to come speak at my wedding, if I ever get married!

    • AliExi says:

      ok, DH didn’t like that LOL, cause we eloped and had no ceremony… let me say it this way, IF I ever get to renew my vows!

  2. J. Johnson says:

    Somehow I suspect you are right about THIS wedding, probably no quilt. Very nice thoughts though!

  3. gladys says:

    Beautifully written!!!

  4. Martin says:

    Oh, man, I may start crying at weddings! And here I thought you were going to make fun of the bride.

  5. Sarah C. says:

    That was lovely! Makes me want to go make a quilt for all my upcoming weddings – and even one for Chelsea! I bet, though, being from Arkansas, one of her country relatives may have made them a quilt……

  6. Sarah Schultte says:

    This is why we read your blog. You balance the funny with the thoughtful, and you write really well! Thank you for sharing that, the wish is lovely. I made quilts for my kids’ weddings, was special.

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  10. I asked for a quilt for my wedding…and got one in our wedding colors from members of my husband’s family I’ve still never met. I feel the same way about babies being brought into the world…they need to be welcomed with quilts.

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