Snippets of Conversations, a Verbal Patchwork

Yesterday started with a journey. A girlfriend and I trekked off to a nearby small town to take in a ‘yard sale’ at a lovely quilt shop. Besides their own items on sale, tents filled the yard and various quilters and shops were selling remnants, old magazines, patterns, and assorted quilting sundries. The findings ranged from simple to sublime.

Like all self-respecting quilt fabric stores, this shop was well decorated with stunning examples of the craft. Perhaps due to the celebration of Independence Day, many of the displayed items fell into the patriotic, Americana, or primitive areas. It was a very festive setting, complete with ice cream cones and hot dogs in the parking lot.

Any card-carrying fabriholic would surely have been in heaven.  While I did enjoy it, I had a lot more fun eavesdropping on conversations. As a collective group, we quilters can be pretty interesting all on our own.  I would like to share some pieces of this verbal patchwork, gleaned in truly random order while strolling through the rows.  Whether these comments were friendly banter, gossip, or delight over a found treasure, to me they seamed together like pieces of a scrappy quilt.  They blend well with the Americana themed quilts, I can imagine them being repeated all over the country.  With apologies to the punctuation police…

At a sale table of completed blocks and UFO’s: Oh, cool, instant quilts… People will think I have been very busy… Who on earth would put that shade of red with that orange?… These are really old, that is cotton thread… I could have cleaned out some drawers and sold my projects… Pretty? Did you look at the back? What a mess… Nice to see other people’s triangle points aren’t perfect either… He had hip replacement last week… Look at how the points don’t line up!… I could rip it apart and do it over…

While wandering down a row full of clothing patterns and quilt books: I had this pattern when I was in high school… Look, a vintage book on batiks… When is your baby due?… They had batiks in the 70’s?… But they have this book over at that table for only one dollar… Bell bottom pants pattern for men, he would never wear them… Mommy, I gotta go to the bathroom… Oh, I always wanted one of those… Wow, Alex Anderson was young in that picture… I can’t remember if I already have this at home… I heard that she left him for… You don’t need a pattern for that…

Among the copious tables of remnants and yardage, with notions and tools scattered in: If she sets that piece down, snatch it for me… That is the most hideous thing I ever saw… These cats are too small… I have been looking everywhere for this… He lost his job and they may move to… Can I squeeze behind you here?… I just started quilting and have so little fabric… Do you have change for… Three fat quarters for $2? How much for four?… Who would ever buy that?… Oh, I love it!… No, those cats are too big… Of course she dyes her hair…  When he golfs tomorrow I can start on this… She dresses so sloppy… I like your vest, did you make it?… Oh! Mums!… Does anyone have Spiderman fabric?… Oh, he doesn’t know that my sister and I got a storage locker for fabric… I have no idea what I will ever use this for, but… I lost 15 pounds…  Well you gave it all to me!…

Overheard in the gallery of waiting friends and spouses: Oh, she comes here every year for this… Gotta replace the timing belt… Yep, proud of her, making a quilt for each of our five grandkids… Justin Morneau can’t play in the all-star game… How much longer, dear?… Clouds moving in, might rain on this shindig… Well SHE finished over 30 quilts last year… Dale Earnhardt is still the best in my book… Don’t think there is any room for more fabric at home… I’m gonna go get me another ice cream cone… Doctor says I have to wear a hat in the sun or it will come back… She is the one in the pink stripe shorts… After this, we get to go to Home Depot… I could use a beer…

So many stories out there.  Beware the lurking blogger, you may wind up in print. I could use a beer myself…


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8 Responses to Snippets of Conversations, a Verbal Patchwork

  1. Jennie Olson says:

    Did you censor this a bit? Sometimes I think us quilters get a bit catty in groups.

  2. cindy says:

    WOW – that would have been a great garage/tent sale. I don’t usually go to garage sales, but I wouldn’t miss that one.

  3. J. Johnson says:

    Oh that sounds like a fun thing to go to! Next year, bring us all along please!

  4. Donna says:

    LOL Punctuation Police! Sounds like there were a few Quilt Seam Police there too!

  5. Kathy says:

    I have GOT to pay more attention when I am at quilt stores!!!! And quilt shows. Hmmm – wonder if I can just sit in one spot and listen? Too funny!

  6. gina says:


    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  7. Martin says:

    Pink Stripe Shorts! OMG, you made that up didn’t you? Too funny…

  8. Alice Hamilton says:

    That was fun! Wish I’d been there.

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