Speaking of Stash… and Sunday is last day to enter giveaway!

Win this set of 500 different two inch fabric squares, enter through June 27, 2010.

Two Inch Fabric Squares Drawing Ends Sunday, June 27, 2010!

Only a few days left to enter the drawing to win the set of 500 different Two Inch Treasures! Leave a comment on the site to enter, winner will be selected by random drawing of all entries Monday, June 28th, and announced here. To learn more about the Two Inch Treasures Drawing and Fabric Obsessions, check the Gallery, and previous posts! Good luck to all! Speaking of Stash…

Fabric Stashes
We all have them, stashes of fabrics, threads, patterns, perhaps yarns and other crafty items as well. But for me, after decades of careful collection, it felt like time to do some housecleaning. I started purging my massive accumulation of two inch squares, selling them or passing them on to friends. Then I eyed my abundant reserve of yardage and fat quarters. There are pieces of fabric in there that seem to have wound up in a dozen projects, and I was tired of some of them. When I realized that I was holding scraps from a maternity dress I sewed when pregnant with my son, now 30, I got motivated! Time to share the wealth.

I probably did not comprehend the abundance of stock I was sheltering in various places in my home. When I started pulling it out, I knew I needed to get some sense of what I wanted to keep, and what I could happily place up for adoption to a loving home. The sorting and dividing swallowed every surface in my living and dining room for days at a time (ok, maybe weeks.) Bags were donated to charity quilt groups, sets were posted on eBay, and I saw the mountain become…

Well, it was STILL a mountain! By this time I had discovered that the pre-cut squares were hot sellers, so I expanded. Every piece I had was cut down, sometimes hoarding a wee bit for me, but mostly to be moved out. Soon I had new hills instead of one mountain: a coffee table covered in 5″ charms, an armchair full of 10″ layer cakes, the couch buried under odd leftovers from all that cutting. (If you previously read the post on the obsession of a fabriholic, you realize I already have over 20,000 little two inch squares!)

And then it happened, company was coming. I suspected they would not appreciate sitting on that voluminous reservoir of coveted cloth. Quickly the squares were boxed up and the aggregation on the couch stuffed unceremoniously into garbage bags. Ah ha!! A fabric epiphany occurred. Put the bags of quilter’s stash out on Craigslist. Surely quilters would donate a few dollars to the cause of the underemployed fabric caretaker. And so, one at a time, the bags began to move. I was oddly relieved.

You would think I no longer have fabric all over. Alas, I do. Not all of it is quilting fabric, and I have sent a fair amount on to greener pastures and eager hands. But I must brace myself and gear up for another round. There a so many wonderful new fabrics appearing on the scene every day. I yearn to garner new troves, to acquire new resources. I do not want to rent a storage locker to stash my stash! Please send me positive energy. I need it.

Thesaurus.com lists over 85 synonyms for both the verb and the noun form of STASH, and I suspect I used half of them in this post.


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7 Responses to Speaking of Stash… and Sunday is last day to enter giveaway!

  1. Patty says:

    You’re funny.

  2. Martin says:

    Man, I love your candor! Most of the quilters I know will never admit to making a mess, hiding fabric, or coveting each other’s stashes.

  3. Trish L. says:

    Wow! What a prize! I think I would turn these into baby quilts for a charity. All the brights, they would love them!

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Trish L.

  4. Jill Harkins says:

    I love the comments you made Mary. I have been trying to get my fat quarters organized. But now I have other things come up unexpectedly. So eventually I will
    get the rest of my stash organized.

  5. J. Johnson says:

    Actually I think you missed squirrel or stow away, supply, cache, and conglomeration! Keep blogging, it makes me smile!

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  7. Quilting Tangent says:

    The fabric squares sound wonderful. I love scrappy quilts.

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