Behold the Steadfast Steam Iron! and last week to enter giveaway…

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Behold the Steadfast Steam Iron!

A while back, my trusty old steam iron died. It had the audacity to do so at 1:00 a.m. when I was frantically rushing to finish a set of curtains needed early in the morning. Nevermind that my “to do” list was overbooked. The pile of clothing waiting to iron, the slew of quilt blocks ready to be stitched into a quilt top, to say nothing of the chain-pieced string of 388 two inch squares waiting to be pressed open. A dead iron simply was NOT in my plans!

It managed to die with no fanfare or grace. It had been working fine before dinner. It had been working fine for the last 20 years. No telltale sputtering or rust stains, no leaking water, no rattling sounds or hissing. I plugged it in and turned it on. It sat there like a steadfast soldier, promising to handle any seam, hem, or wrinkle that lay in its path.

I laid the curtain fabric on the ironing board, the neatly pinned hem ready to be crisply pressed. Finish this hem, then snuggle in bed, I thought. The little ‘ready’ indicator light on the iron smiled at me innocently. I grasped the handle and picked it up, when the full searing heat expected from the face plate came screamingly in contact through the handle! Reflexes being what they are, I dropped the iron, it bounced off the ironing board and on to the floor. Steaming hot water splashed out of the fill spout onto my bare foot.

Let me spare you the words uttered as I grabbed a pile of laundry to use as a hotpad to pick the iron up. I unplugged it while using that same clean laundry to wipe up the water on the floor. I looked at my hand, reddened and tender, then judged the splash on the foot to have been uncomfortable but harmless. I believe I had a few more words with the ironing gods before I looked back at my ally turned nemesis. The edges of the creamy white plastic closest to the ironing plate had turned dark brown, and there was a distinct smell of burning electronics in the air.

In the past I have often had more than one iron. Somehow, in the chaos and shifting that occurs as a series of twenty-somethings move in and out (and in and out) of their parental home, I could no longer find a spare anywhere. I did have my mini iron, so hand for teeny applique pieces, but no match for decorator fabric. A quick look at some neighbor’s houses revealed that even the night owls were asleep.

Bird Clipart ImagesI am sure most of you sensible readers would have opted for bed at that moment. Well, I was determined to finish, and nothing would stop me. Thank goodness I live in a big city with 24 hour convenience! I put on shoes and headed out to a big box store nearby. It was no surprise that they only had two models of steam irons, neither of which would be my choice given the option. For $6.99 there was a no-name, no-frills steam iron with 3 heat settings; the other was a familiar brand with an option list too long to fit on the box, for $59.99. Not wanting to shell out lots for an iron I did not really want, I spent the $6.99. The clerk looked at me like I was insane, commenting that it was uncommon to sell an iron in the middle of the night. Driving home I felt like a satisfied hunter returning with food for the family.

It worked like a charm! In no time at all, the curtains were hemmed. Overcome with delight and energy, I pressed open the entire chain of two inch squares before unplugging my new friend and heading to bed at 4:00 a.m. Morning found me up at 8 o’clock, delivering curtains. Somehow I did not care to go shopping for a true replacement iron, and had no inclination to iron anything. I just rewashed the laundry that had sacrificed its cleanness in the rescue.

Months later, I am still using with this little no-name, no-frills iron. It happily works like a steadfast soldier, smoothing wrinkles away with efficiency. Maybe I will buy a better one, when no-name dies. Maybe not.


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6 Responses to Behold the Steadfast Steam Iron! and last week to enter giveaway…

  1. J. Johnson says:

    You need a soundtrack to go with this one! Funny stuff, but we can all relate to it. Thank you for the chuckle.

  2. Miss Nancy says:

    What a story! I am happy to hear that your $6.99 iron is going strong. Happy ending to the death of an old reliable iron. Have a super great day. And feel free to take a nap. You deserve it.

  3. Donna says:

    Oh my goodness! Glad you are laughing, glad the hot iron missed your bare feet! I am enjoying your blog.

  4. Lynda says:

    I just read your story about your steam iron. I had to chuckle. I have never had my iron die on me as yours did you, but I have had a couple die at the most unexpected times, so I know how you must have felt. I guess it is good to have a spare on hand!

  5. Patty says:

    Well, I do not know which I enjoyed reading more, this funny one, or the Cotton one. Nice to think about the people who grew our cotton so we could quilt. I enjoy your perspectives.

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